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August 13-19, 2017

//August 13-19, 2017
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Fly Fish in Iceland

August 13 – 19 2017

Three rivers in six days northern Iceland

We are adding a second hosted trip in 2017 as the demand for our Iceland fishing has been increasing.  For our August trip, we will travel to northern Iceland and fish three rivers over six days.

Mýrarkvísl is a relatively small river that holds a great stock of brown trout along with getting good runs of salmon trough out the summer. The river runs trough plains on the Reykjaheiði plateau for the first 15km making it perfect for dry fly fishing, after that the river runs trough a canyon where the river is a bit more powerful and you can often see the fish you are targeting. For the last 4 km the river runs down the plains by Laxamýri and into the Laxá in Aðaldal about 5km from the ocean. These extreme changes in Mýrarkvísl’s character offer you some of the most versatile fly fishing in Iceland.

The river has an amazing character with such diversity that there should always be something for every angler weather it is fishing the plains with small flies or hitch or sight fishing for salmon in the canyon pools.

In early July the salmon run picks up and around the middle of July the salmon fishing really gets interesting as the numbers increase dramatically.

The fishing permits in river Mýrarkvísl also include a license to fish the Lake Langavatn and river Geitafellsá.

The Mýrarkvísl Lodge

Mýrarkvísl will have a newly built lodge for 2017, the lodge will have 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a big living room and a fully furnished kitchen. Outside will be a  large wooden deck with a hot tub.

Best fly fishing in Iceland

Fly fishing in Iceland – Lónsá – icelandfishingguide.com

River Lónsá is situated in North East Iceland on the Langanes Peninsula about a 2,5 hour drive from Akureyri. The river has a healthy stock of stationary brown trout throughout the season and sea runs brown trout and arctic char coming in and out of the estuary with the tides. Around the middle of July the runs of arctic char start coming in and are usually running strong throughout August & September, offering some of the best fly fishing in Iceland.

Lónsá is the little pearl of the Langanes Peninsula about a 5 minuet drive drive from the fishing village Raufarhöfn. The river is producing about 500 trout/char a year.

In the upper river, the fishing is more classical with nymphs or streamers in the first half of the season for brown trout and then dry fly fishing as the summer progresses.

In the upper river, it is very important to approach the river with caution as it is very easy to spook the trout.

When the first runs of arctic char start making their way up river in a feeding frenzy the river suddenly offer a whole new experience and you can literally see tens of silver char sliding into a pool and you do not know where to start. This happens at a different time each year as it is more connected with the temperature of the ocean and weather conditions than a certain date and for some anglers chasing first run which is usually the bigger size char is the greatest thrill there is.



Fly fishing in Iceland – Laxá in Aðaldal 

River Laxa is not only one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland in regards to size of the salmon but it is also one of the best brown trout river in the world with a very high average size of brown trout. The Laxá origins in lake Mývatn and the river draws it’s name from the valley it runs trough on the way to the ocean in the Skjálfandi bay. To explain, up in the Mývatn area it is Laxá in Mývatnssveit, as it runs through the valley Laxárdalur it is called Laxá in Laxárdal and then finally the bottom stretch that is also known for great big salmon Laxá in Aðaldal.

All parts of the Laxá have a healthy stock of brown trout and due to the abundance of nutrient, gnats & snails the browns live an easy life, that is until they get hooked by an angler. The trout are unbelievably strong as they are used to fighting with a strong current which they use to their advantage when hooked often creating trouble for anglers.

The Laxá fishes well consistently throughout the season although weed formations in the river in August tend to give angler a challenge.  In the beginning of the season the trout tend to go for nymphs and streamers but when the gnats start hatching on the river it can be quite ineffective to offer them anything else than a dry fly or an emerger.

The average size of the brown trout is from 2 to 3 lbs with up to a few whopping specimen of up to 8 lbs caught every year.

Detailed Itinerary

August 13th Atlantic Salmon

Arrive in Akureyri mid-day and picked up by the guide.

Fish the evening shift on the Mýrarkvísl.

Accommodations in the Mýrarkvísl lodge.

August 14th Atlantic Salmon

Fishing the full day in Mýrarkvísl.

Accommodations in the Mýrarkvísl lodge.

August 15th Atlantic Salmon

Fishing the full day in Mýrarkvísl.

Accommodations in the Mýrarkvísl lodge.

August 16th Arctic Char and Brown Trout

Fishing the Mýrarkvísl on the morning shift.

Head over to the river Lónsá.

Fishing the evening shift in river Lónsá.

Accommodations Ytra Lón Guesthouse on the river bank.

August 17th Arctic Char and Brown Trout

Fishing the full day on the Lónsá.

Accommodations Ytra Lón Guesthouse on the river bank.

August 18th  Brown Trout

Fishing the morning shift on the Lónsá.

Head over to the Laxá in Aðaldal.

Fishing the evening on the Laxá in Aðaldal.

August 19th Brown Trout

Fishing the Laxá in Aðaldal on the morning shift.

Head back to Akureyri.  Depart to US or Reykjavik.

Six nights in country, six days fishing permits, meals , lodging and transportation while fishing from Akureyri $2895 PP DO or  $5395 single.

For airline reservations, contact www.nordikatravel.com  or book directly with Iceland Air or WOW Air.[/fusion_text]

Gear List:

Weather in early September can average from 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F. Winds can be calm or blow 30+ mph.

  • 8-9 wt./9-10 ft single handed rod.  Floating and intermediate lines. Nine foot leaders with 2x or 1x tippet.
  • 8-9 wt. two handed rod
  • Good waders and cleated wading boots.  Must be new or clean and sterile.
  • Wading staff
  • Good rain jacket for wading
  • Wool hat
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Fleece or wool pants with long underwear
  • Fleece or wool shirt with long underwear top
  • Down or fiber sweater/jacket
  • Fishing vest or pack
  • Sun glasses
  • Ball cap
  • Personal toiletries
  • Prescription meds
  • Glasses/contacts
  • Personal clothing for post fishing at the lodge and two nights in Reykjavik

Bedding is provided in the guest houses/hotels.  We will be passing through several communities in our travels and will be able to pick up personal items that might be forgotten.

Travel in Iceland:

Most people from Iceland speak good English.  Most commerce can be conducted with VISA/Mastercard.  Icelandic currency may be obtained at the airport upon arrival or at major US banks prior to departure from the US. Travel insurance is strongly recommended in case of any needed cancellation.  Purchase of gasoline for rental cars usually requires a credit card with a PIN.

Reservations and Cancellation Policy:

50% of trip price due at the time of reservation with the balance due no later than August 1, 2015. Cancellations prior to July 1 will be refunded 100%.  Between July 1 and July 31, refunded at 50% of amount paid. NO REFUNDS for cancellations after July 31.