Fishing in Maine for landlocked salmon, trout, and smallmouth bass at Weatherby’s in Grand Lake Stream Maine. Best Maine fishing.

  • 11 Flies You Have Never Heard Of

11 Flies You Have Never Heard Of

Eleven Flies for Salmon Fishing Grand Lake Stream, Maine You Have Probably Have Never Heard Of Everyone has a favorite fly.  And then there are the traditional flies.  Sometimes they are one and the same, but sometimes they aren’t.   You have all heard of the gray ghost created by Carrie Stevens in 1924 at

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  • August is big bass month in Maine

Catch Big Bass in August

Record Numbers of Big Bass August is when we get the big girls. And we are catching record numbers of BIG bass this season. Our 20 Inch Club List is growing quickly. Great for novice anglers and kids, our summer smallmouth fishing should not be missed. In addition to the smallmouth fishing, we have fast

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  • Big Bass fishing in Maine, family fishing

Catch Big Bass in Summer time in Maine

Summer Time is Big Bass Time July and August is when we get the big girls. Post spawn the females are hungry and willing to take a fly, lure or live bait readily...and many are over 4 pounds! Great for novice anglers and kids, our summer smallmouth fishing should not be missed. In addition to

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  • maple syrup rites of spring

Rites of Spring

Rites of Spring Ice-out.  Mud season.  Running sap. Spring migration.  Change of season.  Winter to spring.  It happens every March.  The woodcock show up in the bare spots around the field edges.  Their courtship flights fill the evening and dawn with the songs of bird love. April 1 in Maine is open water season, which

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Autumn at Weatherby’s

Fall Fishing is Almost Here! Late summer smallmouth fishing is here at Weatherby's in Maine. Cool nights, warm days, a shore dinner and lots of big fish tugging on your lines. That is what you can expect if you come visit this month. The St. Croix River, Big Lake, Spednic Lake, Baskahegan Lake, Grand Falls

  • Maine Magazine cover

Maine Magazine – October 2015

Maine Magazine - October 2015 Weatherby's Weekend By SANDY LANG - One thing to know about Grand Lake Stream, the men are telling me after dinner, is that “a fair number of guys on the stream smoke cigars.” Several of us are sitting on the long porch at the sporting lodge Weatherby’s, which is set

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  • Lefty Kreh visits Weatherby's in Grand Lake Stream

GAFF Magazine – April 2015

GAFF Magazine - April 2015 Fishing with Lefty Krey By KING MONTGOMERY -  Joe Brooks, the great sportsman and outdoors writer of the mid-20th century, was Lefty Kreh’s mentor and introduced Lefty to the fly rod shortly after World War II. Brooks was a regular at the famous Weatherby’s Lodge in Grand Lake Stream (GLS),

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Landlocked Break-Out! Outdoor Life 1965

Weatherby's Featured in Outdoor Life in 1965 Landlocked Break-Out! It was the Fourth of July, the traditional time for fireworks, and, as though by arrangement, the water in the vicinity of my trolled streamers suddenly exploded. My fly rod bucked, and some 70 feet behind the canoe a gleaming landlocked salmon made like a rocket.

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