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Weatherby’s Media Archives, magazine article and writing about Weatherby’s Fishing and Hunting Lodge in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.

  • Fly Rod and Reel Weatherby's 2000

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine – 2000

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine - 2000 .1000 On Grand Lake Stream By CLIFF HAUPTMAN - I have no aversion to bats, unless they are hooked at the end of my fly line. I have seen pelicans on Deerfield pier in Florida grab squid baits and get the hooks stuck in their throats, flying off on

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  • 2004 Women Outdoors magazine

Women Outdoors – Summer 2004

Women Outdoors - Summer 2004 The Women of Weatherby's By KAREN LEE - The name Weatherby's has a sophisticated ring so the thought of spending a week in one of Maine's most traditional fish camps scared the heck out of me. I pictured stodgy white-haired man in smoking jackets enjoying cigars after a day on the stream,

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  • Downeast Maine 1997 Weatherbys

DownEast Magazine – 1997

DownEast Magazine - 1997 A Stream Runs Through It By JEFF CLARK - The village of Grand Lake Stream has spent a century earning its reputation as a haven for anglers, and it needs to hold onto it. In Grand Lake Stream, the stream itself is the loudest sound in town. The tiny village of less than

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  • Weatherby's Sports Afield

Sports Afield 1984

Sports Afield 1984 The Salmon Camp By Jerome B. Robinson - There is a special charm about old-time fishing camps, one that has to do with traditions which allow fishing to remain a relaxing form of recreation and not just a race to the fish. At all old-time camps, you still find men using split bamboo rods,

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  • Wooden Boat Journal Weatherby's

Small Boat Journal 1983

Small Boat Journal 1983 Dr. Canoe and Mr.Motorboat By Jay Sperling- "Almost at the center of the old Passamaquoddy tribal lands," wrote Minnie Atkinson in 1920, "... (lies) a tangled chain of lakes and streams like trinkets of silver on the deep green earth". West Grand Lake is near the middle of this multicolored jewelry. This is a

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  • 1971 Outdoor Life Weatherbys

The Maine Thing – Outdoor Life 1971

The Maine Thing - Outdoor Life 1971 By Joe Brooks I had fished in this very spot 25 years earlier, and the stream hadn't changed. The fast water talked merrily as it rushed into the pool, but off to the side the surface was slick, with a circle here, a circle there, and a plop

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Landlocked Break-Out! Outdoor Life 1965

Weatherby's Featured in Outdoor Life in 1965 Landlocked Break-Out! It was the Fourth of July, the traditional time for fireworks, and, as though by arrangement, the water in the vicinity of my trolled streamers suddenly exploded. My fly rod bucked, and some 70 feet behind the canoe a gleaming landlocked salmon made like a rocket.

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