Canoes at Weatherbys in Grand Lake Stream, Maine
Hunting Grouse and Woodcock in Maine
Wading in the St Croix River in Maine fly fishing for Brook Trout
Releasing a large Landlocked Salmon in Maine
Rockers on the porch at Weatherby's Fisherman's Resort in Maine
Best fly fishing in Maine at Weatherby's in Grand Lake Stream
brittany on point for grouse in Maine
Kids fishing vacation in Maine at Weatherby's
landlock salmon fishing in Maine
Relaxing beside a wood burning stove at Weatherby's in Maine
Fly fishing with a guide in Grand Lake Stream, Maine
Cooking over a campfire a shore lunch at Weatherby's in Maine
Moose swimming in a lake in Maine near Weatherby's
Staff at Weatherby's in Grand Lake Stream, Maine Contact us
smallmouth fishing in Maine
Maine whitetail deer hunting at Weatherby's in Grand Lake Stream
Dragon fly at Weatherby's in Maine
Cute puppy fishing in a canoe in Maine at Weatherby's
Bass fishing in a Grand Lake Stream Canoe in Maine
woodcock in leaves in Maine, best woodcock hunting
Huge lake trout in Maine

Small Boat Journal 1983

//Small Boat Journal 1983
  • Wooden Boat Journal Weatherby's

Small Boat Journal 1983

Small Boat Journal 1983

Dr. Canoe and Mr.Motorboat

By Jay Sperling– “Almost at the center of the old Passamaquoddy tribal lands,” wrote Minnie Atkinson in 1920, “… (lies) a tangled chain of lakes and streams like trinkets of silver on the deep green earth”. West Grand Lake is near the middle of this multicolored jewelry. This is a special place that shaped the character of a breed of boat and the men who build them. No swift whitewater rivers or raucous waterfalls feed West Grand; instead, the water eases in from more than two dozen ponds and lakes.

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  1. Toby Hoffman December 11, 2017 at 11:04 pm - Reply

    Superlative writing and great article! We met local Grand Laker builder Tim Bacon in 2005 at his house! Thanks Dad for best trip of all time!! Even met E.Z. Filler DDS from Manhattan – bright and early in his full “Classic Laker Fly-fishing Attire” every AM in the cabin next door.

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