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  • Downeast Magazine Weatherbys

Downeast Magazine – 2008

Downeast Magazine 2008 Grand Decision By WAYNE CURTIS - One day last summer I was walking past Weatherby's fishing resort in Grand Lake Stream, and I heard a dull rhythmic pounding sound coming from behind one of the log cabins. This seems worth investigating, so I wondered up the cedar steps from the stream and found Jeff

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  • Donald Bain Weatherbys Maine

Donald Bain – Hooked at 50 – 1998

Donald Bain 1998 Hooked at 50 - How I Got Started Fishing By DONALD BAIN - "Trust me," he said. That was the line I heard countless times from my agent but never from my daily luncheon companion, or E.Z. Filler, (a dentist and that was his real name). He had just convinced me, a non-fisherman, to

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  • Fly Rod and Reel Weatherby's 2000

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine – 2000

Fly Rod & Reel Magazine - 2000 .1000 On Grand Lake Stream By CLIFF HAUPTMAN - I have no aversion to bats, unless they are hooked at the end of my fly line. I have seen pelicans on Deerfield pier in Florida grab squid baits and get the hooks stuck in their throats, flying off on

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  • 2004 Women Outdoors magazine

Women Outdoors – Summer 2004

Women Outdoors - Summer 2004 The Women of Weatherby's By KAREN LEE - The name Weatherby's has a sophisticated ring so the thought of spending a week in one of Maine's most traditional fish camps scared the heck out of me. I pictured stodgy white-haired man in smoking jackets enjoying cigars after a day on the stream,

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  • Downeast Maine 1997 Weatherbys

DownEast Magazine – 1997

DownEast Magazine - 1997 A Stream Runs Through It By JEFF CLARK - The village of Grand Lake Stream has spent a century earning its reputation as a haven for anglers, and it needs to hold onto it. In Grand Lake Stream, the stream itself is the loudest sound in town. The tiny village of less than

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  • Weatherby's Sports Afield

Sports Afield 1984

Sports Afield 1984 The Salmon Camp By Jerome B. Robinson - There is a special charm about old-time fishing camps, one that has to do with traditions which allow fishing to remain a relaxing form of recreation and not just a race to the fish. At all old-time camps, you still find men using split bamboo rods,

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  • Wooden Boat Journal Weatherby's

Small Boat Journal 1983

Small Boat Journal 1983 Dr. Canoe and Mr.Motorboat By Jay Sperling- "Almost at the center of the old Passamaquoddy tribal lands," wrote Minnie Atkinson in 1920, "... (lies) a tangled chain of lakes and streams like trinkets of silver on the deep green earth". West Grand Lake is near the middle of this multicolored jewelry. This is a

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