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Weatherby’s in Grand Lake Stream, Maine is a fishing and hunting lodge that caters to fly fishermen and upland bird hunters.

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Weatherby’s Nears 5000 Followers on Facebook

Help Us Reach 5000 Weatherby's on Facebook Our social media presence has been growing by leaps and bounds this year. If you are already following the goings on at Weatherby's, thank you. If you are not, you are missing out on great Maine photos, fish photos, Bridget, Curly, Molly photos, canoe photos, guide photos,... Well

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  • Baxter 5k race lodging special

Special Rates for Baxter 5K Weekend

Baxter Outdoors 5K Weekend Special Join us for the Baxter Outdoors 5 miler on the West Grand Lake trail maintained by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust. One night lodging with breakfast for $99 PP. Learn more about the race and register at Baxter Outdoors. Call For Special Rate Downeast Lakes 5-Miler Saturday, Aug 12,

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Autumn at Weatherby’s

Fall Fishing is Almost Here! Late summer smallmouth fishing is here at Weatherby's in Maine. Cool nights, warm days, a shore dinner and lots of big fish tugging on your lines. That is what you can expect if you come visit this month. The St. Croix River, Big Lake, Spednic Lake, Baskahegan Lake, Grand Falls

  • Maine fish fry recipes

Maine Fish Fry

Maine Fish Fry Recipes and Secrets from Weatherby's The key to any successful fish fry is first, catch the fish.  Of course not just any fish, as some are better than others.  I have cooked for my clients over the years numerous species including salmon, trout, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, blue gills, yellow perch, white

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  • Maine guide camp coffee

Maine Guide Campfire Coffee

Maine Guide Coffee Campfire Coffee with Weatherby's It might be the ambiance, but it could be the presence of hand crafted cedar rib and plank Grand Lake Canoes or the spectacular setting on the Maine lake shore.  Some think it is the blackened coffee pot that has seen hundreds of shore dinners, yet others think

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  • staff at Weatherbys Rakefest

RakeFest 2016

Rakefest 2016 For the past 10 years or so we have hosted an invitational event dubbed "Rakefest." "What is Rakefest?" you might ask. Good question. Rakefest in an opportunity first and foremost to go fishing early season in Grand Lake Stream, Maine with a great group of people with similar interests. If you choose to

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  • Dry fly the elk hair caddis for Maine fly fishing

Top 10 Dry Flies for Grand Lake Stream

Top 10 Dry Flies Grand Lake Stream, Maine Of course timing is critical when fishing dry flies – both season and time of day.  Variations in patterns are good to try – Klinkhammer, parachute, spinner, emerger or traditional upright.  Size also varies depending of the season, but generally a 16 or 14 will work.

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  • pheasant tail nymph

Top 10 Nymphs for Grand Lake Stream

Top 10 Nymphs Grand Lake Stream, Maine Dead drift, dead drift, dead drift.  Did I say dead drift?   Critical technique when nymphing anywhere, but especially on Grand Lake Stream in Maine.  I prefer short upstream cast, floating lines with no strike indicator, however an indicator can be useful for novice nymphers.  You may fish single

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Bull Moose Hunting Tag
Hunt of a Lifetime! Buy Weatherby's Bull Moose Tag - No Lottery - Highest Bid