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  • Hunting Grouse and Woodcock in Maine

The Hunt of a Lifetime

Northwoods Grouse Camp Big woods, big rivers, big moose, big grouse numbers. Don't miss your chance. We have been hosting these Northwoods hunts for several years now and they are hunts to be remembered and repeated. We can see up to 30+ grouse a day and often still see woodcock into November. Rustic cabins

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Autumn at Weatherby’s

Fall Fishing is Almost Here! Late summer smallmouth fishing is here at Weatherby's in Maine. Cool nights, warm days, a shore dinner and lots of big fish tugging on your lines. That is what you can expect if you come visit this month. The St. Croix River, Big Lake, Spednic Lake, Baskahegan Lake, Grand Falls

  • woodcock in manhattan

Woodcock in Manhattan

Woodcock in Manhattan A little Maine woods action in the big city The following excerpt came from a client’s email this week.  He has been upland hunting with us for the past four or five seasons and has the bug.  Only upland hunters understand. ”…so, I was a little early to work this morning and decided

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